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"Menopause, Myths and Moving Forward" with special guest Alison Harris

  • Epoch Lincoln Unit 28 Birchwood Shopping Centre Lincoln LN6 0QB (map)

Menopause, Myths and Moving Forward with special guest Alison Harris!

Are you, or someone you’re close to, experiencing symptoms of the menopause?

Do you know what to do to help?

How much do you know about this natural phase of life?

When I ask those that attend my workshops what comes to mind when they think of the menopause, I usually get bombarded with a series of very negative responses.

There’s no denying that symptoms can be extreme and debilitating. In the workplace, there are 3.5 million women over 50 and this number is on the increase. One in four women going through the menopause consider leaving their job and one in ten women actually leave, due to symptoms. What a waste of talent, experience, skills and resources.

I was one of the one in ten. I went through an enforced menopause due to breast cancer treatment. I experienced many of the recognised symptoms associated with it, including night sweats, hot flushes, brain fog, poor concentration and insomnia. So much so, that I thought I was going insane, or at the very least, had become incompetent! And my personal relationships became strained. The fact is, I didn’t understand what was happening to me.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot. And now I can share it with you.

As a coach, speaker and trainer, I now provide information, training and support to individuals, groups and organisations that want to understand, make the changes needed, empower women and change the culture around menopause for everyone.

Menopause may be natural, but the way we lead our lives in the 21st century often isn’t! By understanding what is happening and why, by making small changes to food, mindset and lifestyle, by re-framing how we think about the menopause, we can improve the lives of those affected, increase wellbeing and enjoy life for many years to come.

Join me for this interactive talk at Epoch Lincoln, where I can introduce you to a new way of looking at the menopause, bust some myths and take home some tips for you to try and share.

Learn more about Alison at:

Tickets are £5 and all money raised will be donated to our chosen charity of the quarter, Comfort bags for children of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust which supplies children’s bereavement bags for children who visit seriously ill relatives in hospital or who have experienced a recent bereavement. These bags contain items to help them remember their loved ones, to comfort and entertain them and to help them to cope at this difficult time.

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you there!

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