Bring me Joy, bring me Happiness and Boost my Immune System.

We all enjoy being happy and feeling great after a good joke and laugh. But do we know quite how important laughter and happiness is for our health and, in particular, for our body’s immune system?

A state of happiness and joy can have remarkable effects in the body and there is an ever-growing field of research called psychoimmuniology that is showing how happiness can have a significant effect on our bodies wellbeing, immune responses and susceptibility to disease.

Now whilst I will be the first to admit I am not an expert in this field, I can draw on my years of experience working with patients and there is an obvious trend towards happiness having a beneficial effect on recovery and health long term.
This has been so significant in my experience that at Epoch Lincoln we have deliberately created our open and interactive atmosphere to reflect just that, and empower patients to happiness and quicker healing.

Some of the current research builds link between happiness and a reduction in inflammatory gene expression as well as a faster antibody response to infections. So next time you feel like reaching for the ibuprophen or calpol, why not try a little laugh and a smile.

Epoch’s top 5 tips to boosting happiness:

1.       Giving – give and share what you can with those who can’t.

2.       Exercise – take daily exercise, be it a run, swim or walk.

3.       Gratitude – spend time being thankful for what you have.

4.       Community – get to know your neighbours and work colleagues.

5.       Nutrition – give your body natural healthy food, don’t let the sugars trick you out of happiness.

Tom Waller