Are you adapting? The key to your Immune System.

When it is hot we sweat and when it is cold we shiver.
The ability of our body to adapt to the environment and to invading viruses and bacteria is the key to good health. Examples of good adaptation and regulation in our physiology would be vomiting or diarrhoea, when we ingest something harmful, such as raw chicken or bad bacteria. Another example is the raising of our body temperature as a deliberate attempt to kill off viruses and bacteria.

So instead of reaching for methods to prevent our bodies from regulating, why not boost our bodies ability to do just that and boost our long term immunity.

The nervous system is the centre of body regulation and adaptation. The way our brain registers the environment and determines our body’s reaction to these invaders is key.
Shoulda virus or bacteria attack, the brain and nervous system will register this and cause the body to either heat up to kill off the pathogens or vomit/diarrhoea to expel. The way our body communicates and controls this action is through the Central Nervous System, the brain and spinal cord.

As chiropractors we look at how well the brain and spinal cord communicate. Any interference to this communication pathway we call subluxation. Subluxations will reduce the speed and efficiency of the body’s immune defences. This could lead to pathogens (viruses and bacteria) having a greater effect on our health and more potentially harmful consequences.
With specific testing and correction, chiropractors remove these subluxation and allow the body to work more efficiently and effectively. Thus leading to a faster and more appropriate immune response and reducing the potential for the viruses or bacteria to cause damage.

So instead of reaching for a remedy to stop your body reacting to a bacteria or virus, why not look to improve your body’s ability to defend against this long term and try chiropractic.

Tom Waller