Optimal health - My Top Supplements!

In a world where it is hard to find good quality foods and the price of organic ever increasing, I think supplementation is a great way to keep our body healthy.
While I would always advise fresh, raw and organic food first, there are a few supplements that I personally take and would advise others to do so.

I am not from a school of thought that prescribes one supplement for one person or condition, and another for someone else. I believe that to achieve full health we simply need to take what is right for us, a human being and understand that if we live a congruent lifestyle we can avoid particular illnesses, conditions or diseases.

So here are the four supplements I choose and why!

1.       Chlorella – this is a single cell green algae plant. It is excellent for boosting our body’s defence, digestion and for removing heavy metals and toxins from our system. Chlorella is my No.1 supplement as it gives the most powerful affect to many systems of the body. I especially like the fact that it removes heavy metals from our system, these elements are very toxic to our brain and nervous system and unfortunately are in and around our environment on a daily basis. Therefore Chlorella for me is an essential.


2.       Probiotics – probiotics occur naturally within our gut flora and allow us to absorb the correct nutrients from food as well as forming an integral part of our immune system. Throughout our lives many of us will have taken a course of antibiotics, these strip our gut of good bacteria and reduce our body’s natural defences. We also have a lack of quality nutrition in our foods today and with so little raw minerals and vitamins it is key to improve how our body can absorb these in the gut. Therefore I choose to take a probiotic daily.


3.       Vitamin D3 – every time a cell replicates in our body, which happens thousands of times every second, we need Vitamin D3 to make this possible. In the Northern Hemisphere we have very little sunshine and even when we do, we cover up or avoid it. This leaves many of us severely deficient in Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has also been shown to be beneficial to our immune system. So for fast and effective cell repair, longevity and immunity, I take Vitamin D3 every day.


4.       Omega 3 – fish oils have long been known for their benefit to the body but few know that Omega 3 is an ‘essential’ fatty acid. The term essential means that our body requires it to be alive but does not naturally make it. Every one of the 50 billion cells in your body has an outer cell membrane and this is made of Omega 3. Therefore to achieve full health of all new cells, we need a good supply of Omega 3. Naturally this occurs in fish and wild game. However nowadays the wild game is rarely eaten and the fish is contaminated with heavy metals. I would avoid ‘cod liver’ oil and the liver is responsible for processing heavy metals in fish and therefore the supplement is now toxic. Because I want every cell in my body to be as healthy as possible I have Omega 3 every day.


There is a vast difference in the quality of supplements on the market and whilst you may think you are getting a deal on a supplements somewhere, often that cheap supplement is more harmful to you than you think. As a general rule the more expensive does mean the better!

Here is where I get my supplements from:
Chlorella – www.pukkaherbs.com (Organic chlorella)
Probiotics – www.nutri.co.uk (Non Diary proplex)
Vitamin D3 – www.nutri.co.uk (Vitamin D3 liquid)
Omega 3 – www.nutri.co.uk (Eskimo 3 liquid)

Tom Waller