Medicine or Poison - you are what you eat

With so much information out there, it is often hard to filter out what is good information, what is bad and what is just the current trend or latest fad! Especially when it comes to nutrition and giving our body a fighting chance.

It is said that the food we choose can either be the best medicine for our body or the strongest poison. So, with such a profound statement and such potential to do good or harm, what should we do?

At Epoch Lincoln we like to take a simple approach to nutrition and health, this simple approach we also believe to be the most effective.
I would like you to think of an animal in the zoo, let’s say a Lion. Now if that Lion becomes sick whilst in captivity our first though is not normally ‘what medication does it need?’
The most logical thinking is that we need to take it back to its natural environment and natural way of living and eating.

The same is true for us. The only diet or nutrition a human needs, is one that is natural and congruent to our genetic makeup.
So quite simply the best way we can fuel our body in a way that will provide health and not sickness is to eat a natural and innate diet.

What is a natural and innate diet? I hear you ask.
Here are my top 5 tips to keeping your diet natural and innate:

1.       Drink more water.

2.       Keep the majority of your food plant based/vegetables.

3.       Avoid/reduce your wheat and dairy intake.

4.       Small regular meals.

5.       Meat/omega 3 is essential but the quantity does not need to be high.

The benefits to be had from a good diet are not instantaneous and take time to have and affect. The important thing is to be consistent and committed for a period of time.

But remember to never deny yourself the odd treat! Life is too short!

Tom Waller