Who wants Stronger Bones?

We all want to have stronger bones and we all want to avoid fractures or breaks as we age. With statistics such as a pelvis fracture for the over 75’s is associated with 30% mortality in the next 24 months, we want to do all we can to strengthen our bones and limit our risk of falling.

We are overly misinformed at the correct way to strengthen our bones and often advised to take calcium supplements. As you will have seen in the previous weeks blog, research indicated calcium supplementation as detrimental to heart health and of no considerable benefit to bone health.

We are also commonly advised that weight bearing exercise is best. Again, this is not the whole truth. It is true that with weight bearing exercises, the load that goes through a bone encourages bone growth, this is a phenomenon known as Wolf’s Law. However, this only happens to particular load bearing bones and joints, such as the hips. It does not strengthen bone or improve the quality of the bone throughout the skeleton.

So what can we do?

To supplement and improve our bone quality there are 3 supplements that have been shown to improve bone health. These are Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Magnesium.
More information on these can be found on these links:


As for exercise it is better to think of ‘resistance’ exercise as opposed to weight bearing. By resistance I mean exercise that causes firm contraction of the muscles surrounding the bones. Be sure to push and pull with resistance in all areas of the body. Weight bearing exercise is good, but we must work on the upper body as well as the lower body.
Introduce some pushups (these can be done against the wall if difficult), squats and pull ups or pull downs. Ask your personal trainer to help or message us if you have a concern.

The ability for the body to increase bone density is remarkable, given the right advice.
We hope this helps you to achieve stronger and healthier bones this winter.

Tom Waller