The simplicity of healing

In chiropractic there is a fundamental understanding that we take with respect to healing. This is that there is no process that does not take time!

Healing really is a simple action that the body constantly strives for and given enough time, it will complete.

This said, why do some people not heal?

Healing and repair is controlled overall by the brain and the nervous system. These two main areas set about the cascade of events that allow for healing and repair. They are like the architect and the foreman in the construction of a building. Without the idea, design, order and control, the building would not be completed.

If there is any blockage to the body’s ability to heal, the result will be no or poor healing. These blockages come in the form of subluxations.

Subluxations are interferences within the nervous system that reduce its function and reduce the ability of the brain to communicate with the body. This would be like the architect having a great design in his mind but lacking the ability to put it on paper and show the building team how to construct that idea.

Chiropractors specifically and deliberately look for these subluxations which are (normally) misalignments in the spine. These misalignments change the communication in the spinal cord and brain.
The adjustment (removal) of these subluxations allow the brain to communicate with the body again.
This communication is like the architect drawing his idea to life and communicating effectively with the builders.
When the brain can talk to the body, the body is instructed to heal and repair and that is the only process it knows.
Given enough time, the healing will complete, and the body will repair.

So first ask yourself not why am I sick, but why am I not healing and where does healing come from?
If you agree that healing comes from within and would like to see why your body isn’t allowing that to happen, then consult your chiropractor to see if subluxation may be the problem.

Tom Waller