Avoid Calcium Supplements for Stronger Bones!

We all want strong bones and we often fear that as we get older the strength and density of our bones will reduce. This makes us, quite rightly, fearful of falling and breaking something and limits our independence. But strengthening our bones is easier than we have been led to believe and surprisingly, contrary to the popular beliefs.

Calcium has long been established as the main component of bones and it has been inferred that a lack of calcium leads to a weakness in the bones. This however is flawed in 2 fundamental ways:

1.       The make-up of a bone is far more than just calcium. There are many minerals that come together to form bone.

2.       Supplementing calcium will strengthen our bones. There is a lot of published research to show that calcium supplementation is not only ineffective at strengthening bones but can actually cause harm to the person taking it.

Bones weaken over time for many different reasons and the culmination of these lead to a reduction in the density of the bone. This reduced density weakens the structure and leaves it prone to beaks or fractures.

The only way to bring back density to the bone is through supplementation or exercise to reverse the situation that lead a person to have weakened bones in the first place. We will discuss more of these in detail throughout this month’s blogs.

However the calcium myth should be addressed first. A person with reduced bone density is often not deficient in calcium, they have enough, it normally results in calcium being removed from the bone and deposited into the blood due to a lack of other vitamins and minerals.
The most common vitamins that are lacking and preventing calcium from moving into the bone are, Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

Therefore the first supplementation someone with reduced bone density should consider is; Vitamin D and Vitamin K. These vitamins enable to transport of calcium from the blood stream into the bone to strengthen and increase density.

Over time bones have the ability to become stronger and given the right approach yours can too. The Epoch team would recommend buying Vitamin D and K supplements from www.nutri.co.uk

Tom Waller