Subluxation doesn't wait for Christmas!

The Christmas season is upon us and we are all getting into the festive spirit. The excitement of seeing family and giving gifts, combined with the guilt free ability to indulge on food and wine makes Christmas magical.

However, it can also make Christmas one of the most stressful times of the year on our physical and mental health. The competition for presents, the fear of costs and debt can put immense mental strain upon the body. This mental strain can affect our hormonal balance and have significant consequences on our long-term health, which we might not realise at the time.
The increase in rich and sweet foods will put an increased physical stress on the body and can cause the stomach and pancreas to feel the strain, again at the time unbeknown to us.

Both in the long run can have serious consequences and when we do fall sick, months later, we wonder where it all started.

At Epoch Lincoln we work with a person’s whole body, our focus through chiropractic is on the Nervous System. How your brain and spinal cord are functioning.
We all know that our brain runs the body and the only way it can tell the body how to work, including the function of all your organs, is through the spinal cord.

When we get a blockage in the spinal cord we call these subluxations. Subluxations prevent the body from being able to work properly. The brain will be telling us one thing, and the body will not respond. Think of it like the light switch. The power station is always sending enough electricity for the bulb to work, but if the switch is off, the bulb will be off. Subluxations are the same. The brain is controlling the body and always has enough power to do so, if the spine is misaligned (subluxated) the message doesn’t get through. This could be the message from your brain to your foot and as a result your foot goes numb or it could be the message to your stomach and therefore you get constipated or bloated. It could be the message to your heart and when under increased stress the body can not respond properly, leading to increased blood pressure or palpitations.

Chiropractors look for these misalignments, called subluxations, and adjust them. When the spine is adjusted, the brain and the body talk well again. So, when we are under increased stress it is essential that our body can cope. The best way to allow your body to cope with the stresses this year is to make sure that your body is functioning well enough to adapt and respond to the stress.

The only way to see if your body is subluxated is to visit your chiropractor. They will assess your spine and adjust if needed. This will allow your body to cope with the stresses and pressures that the festive season brings, without the sacrifice of your health long term.

We wish you all a festive and fabulous, subluxation-free Christmas.

Tom Waller