Laugh and smile together… it may just save your life!

It is the season for family, fun and hopefully a lot of laughter. While we enjoy laughing, what we may not know is the benefit this has upon our well being and health.
Laughter is also the only universal language that not only translates to all languages, but all cultures and all ages.

So, what can laughter do for our health?

Here are Epoch’s top 5 laughing benefits to help you find the Joy in Health this Christmas!

1.       Improved Memory
- one particular study showed that laugher can increase memory by 44%, so let’s laugh and keep our brains sharp!

2.       Better Sleep
- laughter can relax your muscles and help your sleep patterns. Laugh a little so you have a good night sleep and not disturb Santa this Christmas.

3.       Pain relief
- laughter has been shown to stimulate the bodies release of endorphins, a natural painkiller. Have a pain free Christmas with a little laughter.

4.       Easing digestion
- laugher can help to stimulate both digestive organs and muscles as well as digestive enzymes. Help digest the Christmas turkey with a little laughter.

5.       Boosts the immune system
- laughing can reduce stress hormones and therefore boost your immune system. Stay cold free this festive season with a little laughter.


If you are concerned for the stresses of Christmas, why not laugh a little and spread the Christmas cheer and health benefits to all.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Tom Waller