Don’t let your health slip this Festive Season

The festive month is upon us and many of us struggle to stay on top of our health through this month, and while it is actually healthy to moderate, completely letting go for a month can have consequences for your future health.

So what can we do so that we can enjoy the festive season but not worry about the guilt of the odd treat and over indulging?

Here are Epoch’s top 5 tips to staying on top of your health this Christmas!

1.       Never deny yourself a treat, so long as it is a treat.
- If we remember that treats are meant to be infrequent, then it is just fine to allow ourselves the pleasure. However when treats become the everyday norm, it is time to re-evaluate just how much we are having.


2.       Water before wine.
- The likelihood is this season we will be having more alcohol than normal and earlier in the day. One way to reduce our accidental intake is to fill our body on water in the morning. It is also important to keep hydrated throughout the holiday period. So our suggestion is to drink your 2 litres of water in the first quarter of the day, thereafter you can enjoy your wine without worry.


3.       Fats first.
- Your body runs more efficiently off fats, and it is the combination of fats and sugars that is dangerous and stacks on weight. If you know you are going to a party that will have a lot of sugar and starch as the food, then for the 3 days prior to this eat a diet mainly consisting of fats and protein. Keep the carbs very low and then when you go to the party your body is better able to process them.


4.       Chlorella.
- Chlorella has featured in the Epoch blogs before, we love it for its powerful ability to remove heavy metals and help support the liver. With the over indulging at Christmas, our liver has to work harder than normal. Taking Chlorella can help support that for us.


5.       Get Adjusted and stay Subluxation free.
- When the body is subluxated, the ability for us to cope with and adapt to our environment is reduced. Throughout the Christmas period we are putting extra stresses and strains upon our bodies. From the stress of buying presents and the financial implications to the stress of poor food choices, the body has to work harder. If subluxated the body cannot process this efficiently and this can lead to sickness and illness. If you want to give your body the best chance and not sacrifice your health this Christmas, see your chiropractor and get checked for subluxation, and adjusted!

We wish you all a fantastic Festive Season and look forward to sharing some festive blogs with you throughout December.

If you know anyone at risk of illness or burnout this season, why not recommend Chiropractic to them?

Tom Waller