Laughter and Happiness

Laughter is a universal language, it does not need translating, it brings communities together and we even start laughing before we learn to walk! Laughter makes us feel great, it relaxes us and takes away the stresses of life. But did you know it also has a huge benefit to our health?

Epoch’s Top 5 laughing health benefits:

  1. Weight loss – studies have shown that laughing for 15 minutes can burn up to 40 calories.
  2. Memory – the reduction of stress and improvement in short term memory has been linked to laughing.
  3. Immunity – laughter can strengthen your immune system against coughs and cold.
  4. Sleep – laugh a little for a better night’s sleep.
  5. Relationships – those who laugh together, stay together! A study also showed that 62% of women said laughter was an attractive quality in a partner.

So we can see how laughing improves our health but how can we improve our happiness in order to find more joy?

Epoch’s Top 5 happiness strategies:

  1. Increase your daily exercise – this can be as simple as a walk around the block each day.
  2. Get outdoors- visit one of Lincoln’s many beautiful parks on a weekly basis.
  3. Help others – this could be carrying shopping or making the tea at work.
  4. Gratitude – be thankful for what you have and thank those who help you.
  5. Meditate – five minutes of simple reflection each day is easy to achieve.

At Epoch Lincoln we know there is Joy in Health and we look forward to helping you find that.

Tom Waller