Sleep - how to get a good rest!

Sleep can mean so much to people but for many different reasons. Some people just love to sleep and could spend all day in bed! Some see it as a way to rest and recharge. For others it is a difficult time and a frustration trying just to fall asleep or stay asleep long enough to feel rested.

So what’s the answer? Do we really need that much sleep and what can we do to help ourselves?

Sleep can be divided into two different categories; quality sleep and quantity sleep. While it is vital for our body to have adequate rest, the most important thing is that we get quality sleep. You may be one of the unfortunate people who know all about quality of sleep, spending lots of time in bed but often find it hard to wake up and still feel tired. This is a classic sign that the sleep is of poor quality.

It is essential to get good quality sleep and this is when our body does the majority of its healing and repair.

So how do we go about getting good sleep? Here are Epoch’s top 5 tips to good sleep:

1.       Get adjusted by the chiropractor- one of the most common effects of chiropractic adjustments is a rested nervous system and the ability to have a deep sleep. This is because adjustments to the spine allow the body to relax and start to heal. These adjustments also help to relieve pain which is another common sleep distraction.

2.       Get up – instead of tossing and turning when you are finding it difficult to sleep, get out of bed and go for a walk around the house. This will help to clear the mind and reset the body for when you go back to sleep.

3.       Write it down – a big reason for lack of sleep is worrying about issues such as deadlines and finances. Instead of continuing to think about them, before bed write down all the ‘things and tasks’ on your mind so that in the morning you can pick up the list and go back to it without having to worry through the night.

4.       Exercise – lack of physical exercise has also been linked to poor sleep, this is not to say exercise before bed to exhaust the body, it simply means to increase the amount of exercise. in the day that will allow the body to prepare for rest and healing during the night time.

5.       Put the phone down – mobile phones, TV screens and lap tops have all been shown to increase the bodies defensive mechanisms, as such the body does not relax and prepare for sleep. Instead try to avoid the TV, phone and computer for at least an hour before bed and instead read something positive, talk with the family or go for a walk around the block.

The big thing to remember with trying to improve your sleep is not to put too much pressure on yourself, this can be counter intuitive and lead to you worrying and staying awake more. Enjoy trying some of the above tips and if you know anyone who struggles with sleep, please share this article with them or ask them to come for an initial consultation at Epoch Lincoln to see what we can do.


The Joy in Health

Tom Waller