One of the most common causes of lost school and work days is headaches. In the UK it is estimated that 25million work/school days are lost each year from migraine headaches alone.

Headaches can vary in nature and type considerably and although some can have serious causes the overwhelming majority have a simple cause.

Tension in the upper neck and the presence of subluxations (misaligned vertebra) can cause many different headaches from exercise induced to tension type and even migraines.
This is why chiropractic can be so beneficial to those suffering with headaches. At Epoch Lincoln we do a very thorough consultation and examination where we will determine the exact cause of your headache, this will include spinal scans that accurately measure the tension in your spine and neck as well as a digital x-ray (if necessary) to determine the alignment of the spine. Combined with specific and proficient chiropractic we have seen many cases of headaches improve.

So what can you do to help yourself? Here are 5 Epoch Top Tips to help with your headaches!

1.       Gentle massage of the temporal area and upper neck to relieve some of the stress and tension.

2.       Exercise. Short bursts of exercise can release endorphins that will help mask and reduce the pain.

3.       Drink more water, this helps to hydrate the discs in the neck that cause pain.

4.       Avoid caffeine, although initially if you do suffer from headaches this may be a painful solution in the short term, over a longer period it will help to reduce headaches.

5.       Have your eyes checked, a common reason for increase in headaches is due to a worsening in eyesight and subsequent eye strain.


If you know anyone who may be suffering with headaches, or if you are suffering, why not call Epoch Lincoln and book an appointment today to find out more.


Tom Waller