Common or Normal?

At Epoch Lincoln one of the most regular terms we hear when discussing a patient’s health history is; “I’ve always had that, it’s normal for me…”

Now this could be in relation to headaches, period pain, stomach cramps, wind, dry skin, the list goes on but the question still remains. Is it really ‘normal’ to have any symptoms, ailments or aches and pains?

Normal means usual, typical or to be expected!

At Epoch we believe that you should not ‘expect’ to be in pain or suffer at some point in your life. We believe that these ‘normal’ symptoms patients speak of are in fact just ‘common’. So when something is so common and all around us are suffering we naturally think of it as normal.

This is a dangerous place to be as when something becomes normalised in our thinking we put less of a priority onto doing something about it. What if this seemingly common ache or pain was in fact the first warning sign of something more serious?

The analogy we like to use at Epoch is the ‘Fire Alarm’.                              

If you walked home to find the fire alarms sounding, what would your first instinct be? Would it be to remove the batteries because the alarm was ‘annoying’ or would you be inclined to look for a possible fire!

The same is true with pain in our bodies, it is always there for a reason. Pain is the body’s fire alarm that leads us to the problem. To take ‘painkillers’ or ignore the pain is just the same as ignoring a fire alarm or removing the batteries. You are ignoring the underlying problem. And the longer this is done for the more damage that can occur.

At Epoch Lincoln we take a thorough look at your ‘normal’ complaint and we focus on bringing the body back to its correct function and ability. Now this does not mean that you will never have an ache, pain or ‘normal’ symptom again but when you do we will make reason of it and address the cause, not the annoyance.

Have you been putting up for years with a ‘normal’ issue and feel it’s time to do something, or do you know of someone who continues to mask their problems? Why not book in for our New Patient Experience to find out the true cause and put the fire out before it causes too much damage…

Tom Waller