Babies don't get Headaches!

If you’ve been into Epoch Lincoln recently you will have seen a number of babies and children in the centre for their regular spinal check. For many the first time they see an infant being assessed and adjusted is somewhat of a surprise. The most common thing they would say is; “surely that child doesn’t have back pain”.

And they would be right for thinking so. For we live in a society where we only really look to an infant’s health if it is suffering. Chiropractic looks however to help an infant thrive.

One of the most common reasons we see new borns and children is from concerns their parents have about their development. For example the child struggles to turn their head, is constipated or slow to learn.

And while we have fantastic results with all of the above, chiropractic is not the thing that fixed or cured them. As chiropractors our job is to assess the spine.

When we assess the spine we look for specific misalignments, called subluxations that change how the communication through the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is working.
With the understanding that the brain and spinal cord are controlling every function of the body, to have subluxation will reduce how the body is functioning!
The symptoms a child or baby expresses, be it failure to thrive, constipation or poor mobility will depend on the area and extent of the subluxation.

Specific and gentle adjustments to the spine, will allow for the correction of the subluxation, this in turn will allow the brain and body to communicate correctly again. Given enough time this will allow for the resolution and recovery from the symptom or problem that the child attended with in the first place.

Now the title of this blog was, ‘babies don’t get headaches’ and while I have explained why chiropractors see children I’ve yet to explain the link with headaches… So here I go!
Often the babies I see will come in, and in certain holding or lying positions they just can’t get comfortable and this causes much stress to both the child and concerned parents. My explanation for the majority of these cases is that the child simply has tension in the back to the neck and skull, causing headaches and while they cannot simply tell us this, their only way to show it is to cry out in pain. This discomfort however should not be ignored or ‘managed’ it needs proper chiropractic assessment and correction as the area at the top of this spine and base of the skull is where the brain stem sits. Pressure on this delicate structure can have significant health implications for a developing child. Gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments can remove these subluxations and allow the baby to thrive.

So if you have a new born or child that you think could benefit from having their spine and nervous system corrected, why not contact us today. Or if you know a new mum who is struggling, let them know we can help.

Find the Joy in your child’s Health with Epoch Lincoln.

Tom Waller