Growing Pains or something else..?

Growing pains are very common and as such we believe them to be ‘normal’.
When we class something as normal we stop exploring it and do not seek to change it.

‘Growing pains’ can cause a lot of distress for a child and while as parents we have forgotten what this may have felt like, or never experienced it, we are unsure what to do in the best interest of our child.

We may take them to the doctor where the most common outcome will be some level of pain relief to stop the pain and comfort your child.

My question however is; “were these pains ever ‘normal’ in the first place?” and if we continue to give pain relief to mask a problem, we fail to get to the cause. To take this further what implications will ignoring or masking this problem have in the future? Will this change the child’s development as they move into young adulthood or through into their middle ages?

At Epoch Lincoln with all patients who see us we continue to ask the ‘why’ question. We believe it irresponsible to not find out the exact cause and address the problem at hand as opposed to covering up the symptoms.

Imaging that your engine warning light came on, it catches your eye as you drive and may even distract you. As such would you take some black tape and stick it over the light so you can no longer see it? You see the annoyance has gone, but that light and it’s catching of your eye was there for a purpose, to alert you to some fault or danger.
At Epoch Lincoln we see pain as exactly that, a warning, and while it may be painful and annoying, it is better to understand this and seek to address the problem at hand.

If your child or someone you know is suffering with growing pains and you want to understand more, then why not call us today to see how we can help and get to the cause of the problem.

Tom Waller