I Need More Nappies..!

The month of September has been ‘Back to School Month’ here at Epoch Lincoln and as such we have celebrated everything chiropractic and kids!

We ran our ‘Do Kids Bounce’ seminar that was well attended, for which we would like to say thank you to all the mums who joined us.

We have also seen many young children start their chiropractic journey’s, for which we are honoured to be a part of. And we look forward to helping many other children thrive with chiropractic!

One of the most common affects we see when adjusting babies is an improvement in their bowel movements. The majority of babies and children who start care, for many different reasons, also report poor bowel movement, constipation and bloating.
One of the most common affects following an adjustment is the opening of the bowel. Now at first this might sound alarming! But for the child it is a real blessing. To allow the release of pressure within and on a more serious note to allow that child to remove the toxins that were otherwise building up inside, has a dramatic benefit on their health and recovery.

So what is the link between a chiropractic adjustment and bowel movement?

It all comes down to the very top bone in the spine, the Atlas bone, which sits directly beneath the skull. This bone has a relationship with the brainstem, an extension of the brain, responsible for coordinating all the automatic functions of life; from breathing to heart beat and immune response to bowel movement. Any distortion in alignment in this area of the spine can have consequences for any of the aforementioned ‘automatic’ functions of the body. The chiropractors role in allowing these areas to function again is to remove any pressure or distortion in that area of the spine, thus allowing the brainstem to function harmoniously again and restore normal function.

The amount of pressure a chiropractor uses to do this is no more than you would dare push your little finger onto your closed eyelid. But the effects of this gentle specific adjustment can be extraordinary and life changing for the child.

If you know anyone who has an irritable child or a child not quite thriving as well as they could or if you simply want to allow your child to express the most potential they have then why not see how Epoch Lincoln can help.

Tom Waller