How to get the flies from your bin!

The winter months are soon approaching and hot on people’s mind is avoiding illness such as colds, coughs and the flu. These illnesses cause a lot of disruption to the work place, family life and indeed can be serious to someone’s individual health.

What I would like to do is share with you a different perspective on health and boosting your immune system to stay healthy this winter.

Personally, I have not had a cold or cough for the past 7 years! I want to share with you how that is possible.

It all comes down to the understanding of how we get ‘sick’ or ill. The majority of us and the common thinking is that we become sick because we have ‘caught’ a germ, bug or virus. This in turn attacks our body and we become sick. This notion is however flawed in two ways:

Firstly to become ‘sick’ when a bacteria or virus invades, is not what the body is really doing. When our temperature rises, we throw up or have diarrhoea, we are actually showing a healthy response! The increase in temperature is there to kill the bacteria or virus, the vomiting and diarrhoea is there to expel the germ or bacteria.

The second understanding is that the bacteria or virus will attack anyone and make anyone sick. Unfortunately this is wrong too. A virus or bacteria will only attack a person that is already compromised in health. And this is where we need to learn to get rid of the flies for good!

Think of a bin, you put it out on the street to be collected and it is soon surrounded by flies. So you decide to go out with your fly swat and kill the flies. Successfully you do this and return indoors, only to look out the window 5 minutes later and the flies have returned. This time you try something stronger and take out the ‘fly spray’, you spray the flies and they all die or fly away. You return inside and again 5 minutes later you look outside and the flies are once again surrounding the bin!
Think of these flies as germs, bacteria and viruses. And think of yourself as the bin.

How do you get rid of the flies for good?
Simple, you empty and clean the bin. Once this is done the flies are no longer interested and they move on.

The same is true in the human body. If the body is healthy and adaptable then the germs, bacteria and viruses will not take hold and you will stay healthy.

We do not become sick by chance and throughout this month we will publish some articles on how to stay healthy and boost your immune system to live a healthy and happy winter.

Tom Waller