We are near the end of January, at the start of this month we were all so full of enthusiasm and commitment to make a change, and I am sure that many of you still are!

However there will be some of us who have started to slow down a little, the 4 times a week exercise routine has slipped to twice a week. The two coffees a day is back up to 5 and the odd cake or treat begin to slip in.

So my question; is having the odd treat really that bad and should we be so hard on ourselves? And how can we set a realistic expectation and stick to it?

At Epoch Lincoln we believe it come down to one thing, starting with the question “Why?”

Why do you want to make a change to your health, why do you want to eat less cake or cut out caffeine? In the busy world we live in, we easily lose sight of the ‘why’ that started us on this health kick in the first place.

Remembering your ‘why’ and reaffirming it will enable you to stay consistent in your actions and committed to your goal.
Maybe your ‘why’ was to cut out caffeine to stop the heart palpitations and a potentially serious heart condition in the future, maybe it was to get fitter so you can play with your children or was it to eat less sugar to avoid the diabetes you were told you would get?

Whatever it is, think about that and each time you think about doing something you are trying to stop, make your decision based on how you will feel after the action, and not before!

Avoid the cake as you know you will feel lethargic later, go to the gym so you can be fit enough to play football with your children and cut the caffeine so you don’t develop the heart condition your parents or relatives suffered with.

2018 has the potential to be your best year yet, we know you can make that happen. At Epoch Lincoln we are committed to inspiring change and health in our City and County. If you know someone who could benefit from our service, point them in the direction of our blogs and videos to see how we can help them.

And remember! Don’t deny yourself the odd treat… so long as it is JUST a treat!

Bring on February!!


Tom Waller