As Nature Intended

Is it not remarkable how 2 cells can come together to form 37 trillion that make up the human body and that the actual chance of you ever being born is close to 1 in 40 Trillion.

Isn’t it amazing how from genetically identical cells our body knows how to differentiate them into specific heart cells, skin cells, lung cells and many more. Never do we fear that when we cut our hand or leg, that eyeballs may accidentally grow. We simply trust that our body will do all the millions of cell interactions to heal and repair, we don’t even need to give it a though… As nature intended.

It is so easy in the fast-paced world we live in to forget just how remarkable the human body is, whether you’re awake or asleep, it is a hive of constant activity, always beating, always moving, always fighting to keep your body alive and expressing a potential for health… As nature intended.

This is how chiropractic views the world, with a natural approach. As chiropractors we understand that the body has a remarkable capacity to self-heal and self-regulate. At Epoch we know that healing requires time, and with no barriers in place. Nature intended for us all to reach our potential, for us all to live healthy and happy lives, however with the growth in technology, work pressures and social media. We are moving further and further away from our natural state.

We often hear the city referred to as the Concrete Jungle, however the more appropriate term may indeed be the Concrete Zoo. We are captive to this change and inside of it we are becoming sicker as a species.

But the solution is so simple, if an animal in the Zoo were to get sick, what would be the first thing to do? “take it back to it’s natural habitat” I hear you all say.
There are three simple areas to focus on when we aim to move back to where nature intended us to be.

These are Physical, Chemical and Emotional. Simply we can ask ourselves; am I Eating Well, Moving Well and Thinking Well. Striving to improve these three key areas can have dramatic and profound impacts to improve our health.

Here are Epoch’s Top ‘As Nature Intended’ Tips:

1.       Eat as much raw/organic vegetables as possible

2.       Move/exercise for 20 minutes a day

3.       Think of 3 things you are grateful for each morning and evening.

Tom Waller