Quit the Heart Stress and Live Longer

As we discussed in the previous blog, our heart is our most precious muscle and we must support it and train it as such, if it is to serve us well for many years!

Stress is the number one cause of heart trauma, and over a long period of time can affect the way the heart is working and reduce its ability to adapt to the environment.
If our heart cannot adapt to the environment then the load upon it will increase, and the potential is that it could fail.

Emotional stress and heart health are deeply intertwined, this is due to the fact that the heart is an emotional organ within the body and an area where emotional stress is felt. Therefore, anytime we have emotional stress it puts an unnecessary load upon the heart.

So in a world that is dominated by emotional stress, deadlines, relationships and negativity, how can we remove this?! And the simple answer comes, to not remove the stress but bring your body to a state where it can best absorb and manage the stress.

To simply explain, the body responds to emotion positively with serotonin, our happy hormone and negatively with cortisol, our stress hormone. In a world constantly exposed to stress, cortisol rises and this puts an increasing demand upon our body and can damage the heart. The way to adapt to this and cope is to build up and buffer our serotonin enough to cope.

So how do we build our serotonin? There a field of science call psychoimmuniology, and the understanding here is how our thoughts can affect our physiology (how our body works). With this knowledge and the fact that during the first 20 minutes of the morning our hormones are resetting, we need to maximise our positivity in this part of the day.

Here are Epoch’s 3 simple steps to increasing serotonin:

All to be carried out in the first 20 minutes upon waking.

1.       Say to yourself; “today is going to be a great day”.

2.       Avoid the News.

3.       Avoid social media or emails.

These simple but very effective steps will increase serotonin, reduce your bodies stress response and give ease to your heart.

The beautiful thing is that they are simple and easy to do!

Try them tomorrow and tell a friend.

Tom Waller