Women’s month – Endometriosis

The menstrual cycle is a beautifully innate process that women go through. The menstrual cycle for the majority is a 4 week process and is the time frame between ovulation, preparation for conception and pregnancy, and the voiding of this should the woman not become pregnant.

One common female condition is endometriosis. This can produce period or pelvic pain and may lead to complications that can have greater consequences. We advise that should you suffer from this that you seek help from your medical professional.

Endometriosis is the formation of endometrium/uterus cell lining, outside of the uterus, during the menstrual cycle. Instead of bleeding away during the period it bleeds inside the pelvis leading to inflammation or other conditions.
Commonly endometriosis is a painful condition but can also cause complications in fertility, lead to ovarian cysts and through to bladder trouble.

At Epoch we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and while you cannot completely prevent endometriosis, lowering your body’s oestrogen levels can have a significant impact.

Here are Epoch’s top 4 tips to lower oestrogen:

1.       Exercise more than 4 hours per week – this lowers body fat that is a secondary production site for oestrogen.

2.       Avoid Alcohol – alcohol can cause a spike in the oestrogen levels.

3.       Avoid Soy products – these are high in toxins and phytoestrogens that can increase natural oestrogen levels.

4.       Enjoy high quality proteins (game, fish, eggs), nuts and seeds, leafy greens, red and orange vegetables.

Tom Waller