Don’t let your Boobs Bust your Back.

Back pain is an extremely common condition and while many of us suffer with pain in the lower back, there is a large proportion of the population who suffer discomfort in the middle of our spine, known as the thoracic region.

Pain in the thoracic area is commonly associated with poor posture and a rounding of the shoulders. Many will be aware of this through poor seating posture both at work and on modern tablet and mobile devises.

However for women there can be a natural complication that can put an increased stress on the mid back… large breasts.

Large breasts can hold considerable weight that has to be compensated through posture and strength. Imagine if you were to hold two heavy bowling balls, one in each hand. The further you extend these away from your body the harder they become to hold.
To compensate you would naturally lean backwards to counter balance, this leaning back will cause a rounding of the shoulders and more stress across the mid back.
The only other way to compensate for the weight of the bowling balls is to increase the strength in your arms.

Similarly with large breasts, a lady would have to lean her posture to compensate. Over many years this can put excessive strain and stress on the back.
Therefore the only way to compensate for this without posture is to increase the strength of those muscles responsible, the muscles between your shoulder blades.

This can be done simply with a ‘push up plus’.
A push up plus is the same as a push up but without bending the arms, the movement up and down occurs through the shoulders and not the elbows. This can be done against the wall or on the floor depending on your individual strength and capability.

Another alternative is the chiropractic adjustment. Poor posture over time will shut down and stop the messages coming from your spine to the muscles on how to hold good posture. This is a classic ‘catch 22’ scenario of poor posture where by it has been there for so long that the body simply does not understand how to get back to how it should be.
A chiropractic adjustment will wake up these signals coming from your spine to the muscles and enable your body to adapt and respond quicker, therefore making a correction in posture more achievable.

We also recommend that women be regularly measured and re-measured for their bra sizes and avoid bras with any under wire.

Don’t let your boobs bust your back and see a chiropractor.

Tom Waller