Prepare your Perfect Pregnancy

Easter is almost upon us and what better subject to discuss than pregnancy and birth.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for many women and one that should be enjoyed and cherished. However there are many cases where the joy through pregnancy is lost due to pain, discomfort, anxiety and fear.
What we will do in this blog is give a simple overview of pregnancy and some tips you can use to have every confidence through your own pregnancy, and reduce any pains that may be associated.

For the majority pregnancy is a 9 month process that can be divided into three trimesters. Each trimester lasts about 3 months and has its own distinguishing features.

For the first trimester the most common complaints are hormonal which can manifest as nausea, morning sickness, cravings and blood pressure changes. This is a time of rapid change for the mother, and as her body adapts to this change it can have a knock on affect to her hormones. This is a normal process and for the most part doesn’t need intervention. Comfort should come in the understanding that the body is going through a lot of change and it is right that you should experience some differences.

The second trimester is known as the calmest period throughout pregnancy. This is where the hormones start to calm down and the mother becomes more aware and comfortable in the process. The foetus goes through steady growth and it is important for the mother to remain active and well-nourished throughout this phase.

The third trimester is count down time, with just three months to go until the expected delivery date, many mothers can become anxious throughout this period. This can have an effect on her emotions and we also see an increase in hormonal changes through this period it can be a tough time mentally to see through. We also see at this stage a rapid growth in the foetus and therefore large biomechanical changes in the mother’s posture, this is combined with an increase in hormones to make the joints lax and prepared for labour. This can cause common but normal pains in particular through the low back, pelvis and pubic symphysis. It is recommended that mothers keep mobile and active during this phase to naturally alleviate any aches or pains.

At Epoch we regularly see pregnant and expectant mothers for a variety of complaints from back and pelvic pain to hormonal imbalances and a desire to optimise their pregnancy and delivery.
Chiropractic has been shown to be safe, gentle and very effective for the pregnant woman and it is certainly our experience at Epoch that those mothers who have chiropractic care throughout pregnancy enjoy a calmer and more pain free experience, with a quicker and complication free delivery at the end.

We also believe that the mother has the most control and ability to improve her own experience, so here are Epoch’s Top 3 Tips for pregnancy:

1.       Posture is everything – work hard on your posture, and while we appreciate this can be difficult, simple things such as not slouching and not crossing legs have been shown to reduce abnormal lie of the baby.

2.       Keep moving – studies show that moderate exercise is more beneficial than rest for the development of the baby and comfort of the mother. We recommend 20-40 mins exercise 3 – 5 times per week.

3.       Hydration – keeping your body and your developing child hydrated is essential during the pregnancy, there is also some literature that suggests more water intake and therefore more need to go to the bathroom can prevent urinary tract infections, therefore avoiding the need for antibiotics during pregnancy.



Tom Waller