I’m counting on you to fix me

It is only once our health and mobility are lost that we really realise how important it is to us. Most of us would naturally state that our health is our most precious asset, however this is not always the case.

There are countless times I can remember sacrificing my health to achieve something else in life. Be it working over time and long hours to earn money to pay a mortgage or covering other team members at work to increase my potential of career progression, it could be putting food on the family’s table before yours. All these actions highlight and show us what are most precious asset really is.

And usually it comes down to two front runners; family and money. The majority of us will at some stage in our lives sacrifice our health for either our family or money.

Now I don’t say this to belittle and disrespect, but to gain a true understanding of what has lead us to the state of health we find ourselves in today.

Many people come to Epoch looking for the answers and the golden ticket to health. And the fundamental reason people get the amazing results they do here is simply down to the fact we DON’T have the golden ticket.

Health comes from within and from ourselves alone. At Epoch we work with the body to allow this process of health and healing to occur. The number one thing that holds people back from achieving remarkable health changes is an unwillingness to change things themselves in their own life that lead them to us in the first place.

This could be a simple as bending their back poorly each day to tie show laces, it could be sitting at a computer with the monitor too low, doing DIY non-stop without breaks, not taking time to be mindful and grateful amongst the hectic work day.

All these simple actions can have a profound detrimental affect on someone’s health. Conversely addressing these simple actions can have a profound and predictable improvement on a person’s health.

So, to help you get started here are Epoch’s top 3 tips:

1.       Assess your day, be conscious to identify any small action you do repeatedly that will cause damage to your body.

2.       Move. Take time to keep moving, even if you have a job on your feet all day, take time to relax and walk away from the stress.

3.       Be grateful. Today is not repeated tomorrow and be thankful for the opportunities it has brought you.

Tom Waller