How can we Assure Health for our Children?

When an expectant parent is asked if they would rather have a boy or a girl, the most common answer is; “I don’t mind, so long as they are healthy”.

Health is the most important thing we could ask for in our children, but with statistics suggesting that as a population we are getting sicker earlier in life and that we now have a youth predicated not to live as old as their parents, what can we do?

At Epoch we believe the way to Assure health for our family is not to wait for illness to arrive. Culturally we try to take a proactive approach through regular screenings and test, however the day we have a positive test, we never prevented anything in the first place.

This is down to the fact the test we use measure and identify when a disease or illness is there. Not before.

But what if there was a test that could predict our health in the future, what if we could understand where our health is heading?

At Epoch we have invested in technology that can do exactly that. Heart Rate Variability is an accurate measure of how a person’s body is coping with stress and we understand from current literature the reason we become sick over time is our bodies inability to cope with the stressors of life.

Think of a time when you were a child and you did your best to ‘wind your parents up’. This action tested their ‘fuse’. If they had a short fuse, the couldn’t take much before they reacted. If their fuse was longer they could tolerate more.

The human body works very similarly to this. We are designed to cope with stress and stress is good for us, take exercise for an example. However, with sustained stress we may become sick.

There is another factor that we need to consider, and this is how well your body processes stress, how it copes with it.
This is controlled and managed by the nervous system.

Heart Rate Variability, HRV for short is a measure of how well your body is coping with stress. If it is low, then we know the body is not coping and will inevitably become sick. If it is high, we know tat the body has a greater ability to cope with stress and should be able to sustain more demands in the future.

So, the best way to Assure your health is to have a high HRV and a body that can adapt and cope with stress.

At Epoch we measure this and work with the Nervous System to allow your body to better cope. So, if you want to Assure the health of your family and friends into the future, why not contact the Team today and see how your body is coping?

Tom Waller