How to Act like a Monk

We are well into the holidays now and sometimes the children can become a little overexcited! We sometimes wish they would be a little more ‘monk’ like and less like a monkey!

Helping children to calm and remain focused is key for their development and is a key skill in life. This is often hard with so much fast paced activity and excitement around.

At Epoch we know there are 3 fundamental ways to bring calm to a person, both child and adult.

1.       Nutrition – we all understand how sugar can be a large stimulus to a child and can ‘super charge’ them, however do we know how damaging it can be for their health? Our advice to limit and avoid sugar and be aware of sugars that sneak into a diet through too much fruit and juices.

2.       Technology – computers and phones are never far away, these give off damaging blue lights that over stimulate the brain. A tip to reduce this damaging exposure is with red tinted glasses but best of all is to limit the time exposure on any of these devices.

3.       Nervous system – if the brain and body are not working well together, this causes the body to work harder! This can lead to a level of anxiety, excitability and stress. At Epoch we improve the communication between the brain and body to bring a calm and controlled regulation of the body.

If you would like to know more about how Epoch could help with your child’s behaviours, please call the Epoch team today!

Tom Waller