How to Be like Superman!

Superman is fast, strong and powerful. It is so important for a child’s development to remain strong and coordinated. With a fast-moving world where more and more we see children sitting for too long on computers and I-pads, we see an increasing loss of strength and coordination as well as a sharp rise in poor posture that could lead to crippling posture in the distant future.

What can we do to help combat this change in society and the potential harm it causes our children?

Movement is key, and posture is everything. We will not stop children from using phones and computers, but we can be smart about how they use them and for how long.

Lifting computer monitors to ABOVE eyeline encourages the person to look upward and therefore lifts the posture. When using a phone encouraging children to lift the screen so the look horizontally at it and not head down to the floor. These are simple measures that can make a significant difference.

Movement and time away is just as key, a study done by NASA showed us that by standing up every 20 minutes, we can put 3 ‘quality’ years onto our lives, so whilst your child might not be a superman, they can act like an astronaut and stand every 20 minutes to improve their strength, posture and well-being.

At Epoch we know that the Spine holds all the nerves that control all the muscles to help with posture, speed and strength. And if there is any misalignment of the spine it can change how the nerves work and therefore reduce the strength and speed. Think of this like a plant, if you pinch the hose pipe and stop the water, the plant will wilt and become weak! If you take the pressure off the hose pipe the plant will become strong again.

The danger is that we often don’t know this is happening until it is too late, similar to the plant, as soon as there is pressure on the hose pipe the plant does not weaken, it takes time for that to happen and the longer the plant is starved of water the worse it becomes. The same is true for the spine, we can’t tell if the alignment is lost, unless it is assessed properly. And it is always better to take the proactive approach instead of waiting for a problem to occur.

At Epoch we help many children and adults thrive with their posture and strength by making sure their spine is in the right alignment and that all the nerves are firing and functioning properly to give the best potential.

If you or your child is struggling with their strength, coordination or posture. Why not contact the Epoch team today, to see how we can help?

Tom Waller