Unlock your Child's Potential - stay tuned

This month at Epoch we are focusing on helping the children of Lincoln reach their full potential for health, happiness, education and well-being.

Now I know we all have ‘perfect’ children and we wouldn’t change a thing about them, but I also know that we would all like the best for them and do what ever we can to improve their chances in life both in health and happiness as well as education and future.

This month we will discuss the simple steps to make this possible. We will explain how you can make simple and actionable steps to boost your child’s wellbeing as well as show you how the care at Epoch is at the forefront of child development and wellbeing.

We will also be hosting a ONE OFF interactive talk at the Centre on Wednesday 15th August at 7.10pm for anyone who is interested to come along and learn more.

If we are to improve the health and well-being of Lincolnshire, we must start with the health and well-being of the ‘future’ of Lincolnshire, the children!

Tom Waller