One Small Step – Chemical

Last week we learned how doing just one small thing and maintaining it over a long period can have a profound effect on our health. Our focus there was physical stressors. Here we see what we can do to manage Chemical stress.

Chemical stressors on the body can cause a lot of harm, however small changes can do a lot of good.

Here are Epoch’s Top 5 Chemical Tips.

1.       Drink 2 litres of pure, clean water a day

2.       Avoid Wheat and Dairy

3.       Reduce your sugar intake, be aware that fruit is a sugar!

4.       Supplement with chlorella, a powerful antioxidant

5.       Supplement with Omega 3, Probiotics and Vitamin D to support your nutrition

Add one or all of these over the next 18 months and watch and feel your health improve!

Tom Waller