One Small Step – Emotional

Last week we learned how doing just one small thing and maintaining it over a long period can have a profound effect on our health. Our focus there was chemical stressors. Here we see what we can do to manage Emotional stress.

Emotional stressors on the body can cause a lot of harm, however small changes can do a lot of good.

Here are Epoch’s Top 5 Emotional Tips.

1.       Gratitude. Think of 5 things you’re grateful for each day.

2.       Active praise and complements. Praise and complement someone daily.

3.       Write it down. Keep a note pad beside your bed and write down your thoughts to clear your mind before you sleep

4.       Headspace. This is a great app to try!

5.       Quiet time. Take 10 minutes a day with no distraction or noise. 

Add one or all of these over the next 18 months and watch and feel your health improve!

Tom Waller