Why invest in your health when you can be sick for free?

This year is going to be different. Or at least that’s what I told myself at the end of 2017 anyway. Yet here I am, almost 12 months on, and nothing much has changed (if anything I’m probably a bit sicker). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I haven’t tried changing anything, here’s some of the things I tried this year with an aim to improve my health:

• Auto Immune Paleo.
• Gluten free.
• Dairy free.
• Couch to 5K.
• Hula Hooping.
• Various supplements.

Am I still doing any of it? Honestly, no. I gave most of it few attempts but it just never stuck for longer than a few days. When you are battling pain and fatigue on a daily basis it can be hard to stick with anything that requires more effort and doesn’t yield immediate relief and results.

I told myself that I need to get sorted this year because next year I turn 30. But in reality, whilst it would be a nice thought to be thriving by 30, it’s not a strong enough why for me personally. I also went with general reasons such as “I want to get fitter” or “I want to feel better” but without attaching it to anything important I soon found myself back into old habits.

So here we are, at the end of 2018, and I know what I need to do. It won’t be a big lifestyle overhaul just because it’s a New Year and there won’t be any sudden, dramatic transformation. Instead, I have created a list of steps that I know I can commit to for the first week in January:

• Headspace – 10 minutes every night before bed.
• Take Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Magnesium everyday.
• Swim twice a week.
• Get outside and walk for a minimum of 20 minutes everyday.

Each week, I will be getting regularly checked and adjusted by my chiropractor at Epoch Lincoln, introducing more small steps and tracking my progress. If you’d like to be a part of my journey, I have included the link to my Instagram page: little.steps.big.dreams – follow me, support me and if you feel you are also ready for a change, then join me!

This year will be different and I leave you with my reason why…
[see cover picture]

Tom Waller