Are Your 2019 Goals still going?

Some Time and Space to Reflect…

My first blog post was written at a time when I felt highly motivated and excited. There was certainly some preparation to encourage some better habits before the 1st January rolled round (which admittedly went out the window Christmas week) and I am now feeling that I was just SO fed up of being that unhealthy that it was a bit of a false start.

Having put a plan in place, I was convinced having it to refer back to would be sufficient to keep on track. Logging everything so I could see what I’d been achieving and areas for improvement I believed would keep me motivated. Then the accountability to myself, those closest to me and the fact I had been so public… Well I didn’t think I could go wrong!

It’s the end of my 2nd week, I am still not accomplishing everything I set myself to do that I viewed as just “little steps” with increasingly more going on in my life. So i’m just taking some space and time to get back to my why and for reflection and re-assessment before I set off again.

Tom Waller