Goodbye February - here are your Top Tips!

What a great month it has been with so much love shown by so many, and in particular a focus on loving ourselves, our spines and our heart.

We cannot love others of get the most out of life if we do not start by loving ourselves, and focusing on our health first.

To sign out from February, here are 3 top tips for your heart, spine and mind.

1.       Your most precious muscle – The Heart
Epoch’s top tip for heart health is to reduce your sugar intake, as this roughens the arteries and can increase the risk of heart disease. Increase your Omega 3 and Magnesium intake to improve the function of your heart.


2.       Love your Spine
The spine is designed to move and regular movement of the spine is key to avoid degeneration. Significant degeneration of the spine occurs when we sit for too long. Therefore, our top tip is to stand up every 20 minutes and make sure you do at least 20 minutes walking per day.



3.       Love thy self – Mind Health

The mind is a powerful place but can also be confusing and scary for some people. We know that healing is either accelerated or hindered by our emotions. So Epoch’s top tip for the mind is to simply take 5 minutes of silence each day (no phones, radio or TV) and think about 3 simple things you are grateful for.


Take these top tips into March and beyond for a simple improvement in yours, and your families health.


Women’s Health

March is here and we are excited to announce that this month we will be dedicating our conversation to improving the health of the woman!

All our blogs and interactions will be aimed to help you and the women you know improve their health.

If there is a particular topic you would like us to discuss we are happy to help and welcome suggestions.

Lincoln Bra Lady

We are very privileged this month to welcome Claire, from the Lincoln Bra Lady in to give us an interactive talk as our monthly guest speaker!

Please note this is a women’s only event, we know it will be popular so stay tuned for more information and links for booking. This will be a sell out event.

Tom Waller