Philosophy, Science and Art

Chiropractic is a profession concerned with health and its approach is one of trusting the ability of the human body to heal from the inside and allowing the full expression of life from within.

A Philosophy.
Chiropractic is founded and based upon a principle that life is intelligent and that within the human body there is an intelligence that runs every cell, tissue and organ. This we call our innate intelligence. Imagine the difference between a living and a deceased person. Both have all the components of a human but one has life and the other does not. This component called ‘life’ is what fascinates chiropractors and we look to the most intelligent part of the human body to work with it. The brain and spinal cord, that which is known as the Central Nervous System. Therefore to express our fullest potential for life, health and healing we want a central nervous system that is functioning at 100%.

A Science.
With the development of chiropractic over the last 120 years we have seen a great increase in the science that supports the intelligence in life and the knowledge that the Central Nervous System is the control centre for all functions of the human body. Science has also shown how any interference in the Central Nervous System can compromise the body’s ability to heal and function normally.
These compromises most commonly occur in the spine, a protective bony structure around the spinal cord. The 24 individual spinal segments can move and misalign. If they do so and compromise the Central Nervous System, we call those misalignment – Subluxations.

An Art.
The true art of chiropractic is the ability to locate and correct these subluxations. This art has not only been perfected over the 120 years of the profession but is also perfected daily by the individual chiropractor in their centres. The more proficient and skilled the chiropractor, the quicker and more specifically they are able to correct subluxations.

The true miracle of chiropractic occurs within the patient and their innate ability to heal and restore health once free of subluxation.

Tom Waller