I'm in PAIN

Pain can be a debilitating problem that physically stops us from doing what we enjoy most, be it gardening, playing sport and looking after the grandchildren. Pain can also be a constant annoyance that may not physically stop us but emotionally it can wear us down and affect our ability to work or even socialise.

At Epoch Lincoln, through our approach to family chiropractic care we take time to understand your pain and how it is affecting your life. Our aim is to not only reduce and eliminate your pain but to empower you to have the confidence to return to doing whatever you want!

As such it is important to understand why we get pain in the first place.
Back pain, neck pain, headaches and even sciatica all share a common link. They are warning signs that your body is giving you to act or change something in your life. Imagine you were to accidentally touch a hot iron. You would feel the heat and it would be registered as pain. This is a good signal for your body as you will then move your hand away from the iron to stop it from burning.

Much the same with back pain, neck pain, headaches and sciatica. These are all warning signs telling you to change. If we ignore them or worse take a ‘painkiller’ to cover up the symptom (pain) we may be damaging ourselves more than we know.

At Epoch Lincoln we take this seriously and perform thorough family chiropractic assessments. This helps us to determine the exact cause of your problem so we can help you with certainty and confidence to stop the pain and stop the problem.

We have on-site digital x-rays so we can see the exact alignment of your spine and scanners that measure the muscle activity and stability of your spine. We also have digital posture analysis software so we leave nothing to chance. This combined with the most effective chiropractic techniques, we are confident that we will identify the cause of your pain and be able to provide a solution for you that works and lasts.

If you’re suffering from pain and want to know why or want to do something about it, call us today to book your chiropractic assessment.

Epoch Lincoln- ‘The Joy in Health’

Tom Waller