No need to panic, it’s just March. Already.

Is anyone else feeling like this?! It doesn’t seem any time at all since it was mid December and I was setting my original intentions and goals for 2019, and yet here we are, it’s March. This month’s theme at my workplace Epoch Lincoln is about women’s health and this post is really about my experience on what it’s been like to devote some time and focus to my own health. So often we care for other’s at the expense of ourselves, sometimes until we have nothing left to give, and it was a fine line I often find myself walking.

A big thing I have learnt is to figure out what I actually want from this journey. It’s only by doing that I’m figuring out what works for me, and whilst it’s great to get advice, I’m no longer measuring my progress by the standards of those around me. We all know the typical things that are good for our bodies, and it’s up to us to incorporate that to the extent that serves our goals.

What else?

  • I’ve managed to find a way to do more activity whilst getting my family involved. Whether it’s heading to the trampoline park, swimming, walks or dancing around the living room on a Sunday evening. It’s a win-win for me as I don’t have to take anymore time out away from them (and a lot of fun too)!

  • Reading was the first thing to go when life got busier and yet it’s something that I had always enjoyed. I get inspired and motivated when I’m learning about something new. When I looked at how I spent my time, I was able to free up 20-30 minutes most evenings before bed to take time out to read and nourish my mind.

  • My eating habits need, and are in the process of, a major overhaul. I’ve NEVER had good ones. Now I’m a mum I have a responsibility to lead by example for my son. To start with, my focus is on breakfast (a meal I’d skip without fail) and making it a healthy choice that will set me up for the day rather than running on empty until the last minute. Most days it’s also an opportunity for more family time too!

  • It’s important to keep exploring new ways of supporting my mind and body. In the last couple of months, I attended a short appointment with the Lincoln Bra Lady and completed an online consultation with Furze Botanicals. The former gave me great relief from a shoulder pain that had plagued me for 18 months. The latter provided me with a beautiful tasting bespoke herbal tea that has improved my overall wellbeing no end. Check them both out: Lincoln Bra Lady and Furze Botanicals.

The little changes are creeping in, and in turn, I’m thinking bigger. It’s ok, and necessary, for me to look after myself in order to be the best I can for myself and my family.

Tom Waller