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Shoshanna & BOB

You have given me a lot of positive things to look forward to in regards my body.

You are an awesome man in many ways. Your positive energy is so beautiful. - Shoshanna

Having discovered chiropractic on the internet, my partner and I were prepared to go to California for treatment. We were so pleased to find what we needed on our doorstep... My outlook has changed from having Chronic Fatigue for 7 years to looking forward to walking the hills again. - Bob

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The goldstones

It’s been an enormous privilege being under your care over these last months. We all have been coming to see you for almost a year now and the same feeling of warmth, care and hope meets me every time I enter the clinic.

From the first time I met you with Zoey I made the decision to trust you -  I had always been a huge sceptic of chiropractic and over the months I have seen just how wrong and warped a view I had of this incredible practice. This is thanks to your non-invasive, caring and informative approach...

Your help with Zoey will be something I will be eternally thankful for. The relief of finding someone who could help her is indescribable.
As for Conor and Daryl a huge thank you for all your care, help and advice. It is so nice to see Daryl living his life without a permanent headache.
I have definitely been converted and have noticed a huge improvement in my overall wellbeing since starting chiropractic treatment.

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Alfie, age 7



julie and Neil

Tom, I love your holistic approach to chiropractic... the first adjustment solved a shoulder and neck problem I had for years.

The continuing treatment has improved the feeling throughout my body. I’ve never felt ‘freer’ in my joints. - Julie

Its definitely been a pleasure to be adjusted by you over the last 2 years. Your skills will benefit those where you are going to use those magical skill you have in your hands. - Neil


Dean, PC Coaches

After suffering from ‘constant pain in back and hips’ Dean found Chiropractic through one of Epoch Lincolns outreach events in his local village.

“The pain and reduced mobility had lead to frustration in not being able to perform mundane tasks and play with my children”
After just as short time, Dean could considerably reduce his medication and comfortably play football with his children again. As well as reducing his pain, chiropractic has enabled Dean to “sleep better, feel more energised and happier”.

Dean like most of our patients had reservations before starting care, especially as no one had managed to help him for the past 17 years!


steve, health and safety

Brill, aches and pains gone. Found it so good, feeling that much better. So much better have booked another 10 sessions.

Not bad for some so tight as me. Best move I have ever done was coming here in the first place. Recommend Dr Tom to everybody.


Audrey, Carer 

I cannot believe how quickly I have seen such a huge improvement. After decades of not being able to do certain things I have been able to restart doing them.

I was so unsure of what to expect, needlessly as it happens. The team have been fantastic and explain everything thoroughly and gave me all the information I needed to decide how I wanted to proceed with no pressure. When I first decided to trial Epoch I had low expectation but high hopes, those hopes have been far exceeded. Without a doubt I will be recommending Epoch to people 


aaliyah, baby!

I have been taking my 4 month old daughter for the past 2 months to see Tom at Epoch .. since birth she has had many problems , we tried everything to help her from being poorly and in pain.

When I was told about the work Tom would do I knew straight away we had to do it . My daughter could only turn her head one way and not be comfortable, constipation and she also had colic and other problems, her soft spot on the back of her head was closing to quick wich was not helping with her growth at all. We went to doctors and hospital but never got anywere with them wich upset us alot I was starting to think there was no hope for her . Since she has been going to Tom there has been an extremely big change , she turns her head the whole way and sleeps on the opposite side, her colic has gone and does not affect her anymore, even the other problems are becoming so much better. . I was very nervous of going at first but as soon as I walked in Sarah made us feel at ease and I felt a lot more relaxed, she really is great .. Tom went through absolutely everything and helped calm me also I felt very comfortable and I knew that my daughter was in safe hands .. I would just like to say a massive thank you for the help Tom and Sarah have given us they are lovely amazing people . I would recommend for anyone that are having problems with themselves or baby/child to go to Epoch