What is



The word Epoch means:

‘a particular period of time in history or a person's life’

A visit to Epoch Lincoln could mark the Epoch in your life for health and wellbeing.



Working with our designer Justin Faulkner from theshapingbay.com, our brand was created based on the golden ratio or Fibonacci Sequence:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21

that is seen throughout nature. 


Our designer created logos using the ratio as a base grid. 

The design uses the Fibonacci Theory as a base for everything, inspired by nature.

As Chiropractic has a natural approach to health and healing, it was fitting that we use the geometric laws of nature to create our logo.




The owl was selected to represent the core design.

Selected for its wisdom, power and symbolism in the UK.




The swan was selected to represent lincoln.

Selected for its strong links to the Lincoln area and majestic nature.


Graphic and Web Design by Justin Faulkner