Meet the



Dr Tom Waller DC


Tom is one of the UK’s most dynamic and passionate chiropractors. Moving back to the home city of his wife Sarah, he is excited to be able to serve the community of Lincoln and help them on their journey to optimal health.

Tom enjoys seeing his patients aspire to and achieve greater health. He is passionate about helping the whole community and can be heard regularly on Lincoln City Radio and Siren FM, with his fortnight appearance on a Friday, giving guidance and advice to all.

Throughout his career Tom has helped hundreds of individuals and families regain their health and vitality. He has previously worked with international athletes and TV personalities, but his true passion lies in the heart of a community working with families and individuals who want to regain their health and independence.

Tom is also an international speaker and Vice President and member of the United Chiropractic Association. He travels around the world to share with the profession, and in doing so is able to bring the latest understanding, techniques and technology back to his community to constantly improve the service that he provides.

He was recently recognised as one the professions leading and influential Chiropractors for 2017, ranking in the Top 20 World Wide. Tom is registered with the General Chiropractic Council.


Sarah waller


Originally from Lincoln, Sarah is thrilled to be able to serve her community and be a part of their journey back to a healthier and happier life.

Sarah’s passion is to help others reach their full potential in life. Being the centre manager she enjoys to watch our patient's journeys to greater health, and is often onsite to share their stories and experiences with chiropractic. 

Sarah was introduced to chiropractic when she met Tom in 2011 and naturally became curious in the benefits it could provide. Working demanding shifts whilst competing in sports she started to notice the negative impact it was having on her health. Sarah thought this was ‘normal’ but after starting to receive regular chiropractic care she realised this was not the case and she began to see huge improvements in her health. So inspired by the impact chiropractic had on her life Sarah decided to change her career so that she could help people through chiropractic the way it helped her.



Jenna Mcallister


Jenna has joined Epoch after working in the National Health Service and is looking forward to a new challenge, inspiring health through chiropractic.

New to chiropractic and keen on overall health Jenna is excited to see first-hand the benefits of chiropractic and thoroughly enjoys interacting with and being involved in the patient’s journey at Epoch. Energetic and outgoing, Jenna cannot be missed at Epoch, enthusiastically guiding patients through their adjustments.

Jenna is a big fan of the outdoors and exercise, she likes to combine the two by taking her dog Archie for long walks in the countryside. Jenna is also a keen traveller and likes to visit and experience new places, especially those that offer more guaranteed sunshine than the UK.


Beccy Doubleday


Beccy joined Epoch with a passion for chiropractic and to gain a better understanding of health. 

She enjoys sharing all the patient journeys and seeing the amazing result they get, and loves being a regular chiropractic patient herself.

Beccy has a creative talent and particularly enjoys baking, crafts and drawing. You will be sure to see her talents for this displayed in the centre during our festive and holiday seasons.
Beccy is a mother of one and wife to Jason, who both enjoy their chiropractic adjustments too!


Sally Parker


Sally joined the Epoch team with an eager interest and enthusiasm about the potential of Chiropractic care.

Having previously worked in service based roles, she is excited to now be able to serve the people of Lincoln with a real purpose and contribute towards their journey at Epoch.

Being very artistic and a lover of nature and the great outdoors, Sally’s natural view on life fits perfectly with the Epoch vision of a natural approach to health.

In her own time Sally enjoys camping, festivals and designing henna tattoos.


George Creaser


George joins the Epoch team with a passion for health and an excitement to see the potential of chiropractic care.

She is excited to gain a better understanding of chiropractic and all the benefits its has to offer whilst sharing in the patients journey and supporting their care along the way.

Outside of Epoch, George is a big fan of the outdoors and likes to explore the world with many adventures. She in particular likes to be hiking and climbing as well as keeping fit in the gym.