What to



Our environment reflects in our health

We believe that the environment that surrounds you has a big impact on your health, therefore you can expect a welcoming, friendly and unique experience at Epoch Lincoln.


Your Appointments

It is our aim to make chiropractic accessible and convenient to you

We have designed our appointments to be thorough so we can best understand your needs. We incorporate education to help you get the most out of your care and we schedule your regular visits to have minimal impact on your work and family life.


The New Patient

As a new patient you will be invited to book your new patient initial consultation, orientation and report of findings.

These appointments are designed to find out the root cause of your pain or condition and the best way to optimise your health.

Your first visit will be a thorough consultation and examination, which includes x-rays if necessary, and scans. This is your New Patient Initial Consultation.

Before your report we will schedule you to one of our Orientations which is an interactive presentation providing you the tools that will help you get the most out of your care. This is your Orientation Appointment.

Your new patient experience will finish with your report where the chiropractor will take you through all of your results in detail and work with you to determine a plan of action, or course of care to resolve your pain or condition and maximise your health. This is your Report of Findings Appointment.

The Regular Visit

Your regular visits will consist of a series of specific Chiropractic Check and Adjustments and the recommended frequency will depend upon the findings of your initial consultation. Many patients decide to continue their visits once their pain or symptoms are relieved to ensure their body continues to function at its best. 

These are shorter appointments and are scheduled at convenient times around your work or family life.

At regular intervals throughout your care we will schedule you in for your Progress Exam to monitor your progress and make sure you are getting the most from your care.